Vaulted Deep

Vaulted permanently removes carbon from the atmosphere by sequestering organic, carbon-filled, waste deep underground. Vaulted’s approach is designed to be the lowest-cost, gigaton scale, permanent carbon removal. We sequester sludgy organic wastes (biosolids, manure, agricultural, food waste, paper sludge, etc.) that today are sent to a landfill, dumped into an ocean/river, land applied, or otherwise left to decompose, releasing Green House Gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere. Vaulted leverages a suite of patented, mature, geologic slurry sequestration technologies which allow us to sequester organic waste with minimal processing. We inject deep under the earth’s surface, where the carbon is permanently trapped under a layer of impermeable rock - the same formations that have kept hydrocarbons underground for millions of years. We have two permitted, operational, facilities allowing us to reach near-term meaningful scale. Our carbon removal approach goes beyond vaulting carbon. It inherently improves local environmental and human health. In doing so, our operations redress historically unjust waste management practices and advance environmental justice. Vaulted is backed by leading carbon removal and climate investors, including Lowercarbon Capital, Earthshot Ventures, and WovenEarth Ventures.

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