Two Bears Environmental Consulting, LLC

About Us Two Bears Environmental Consulting, LLC BUILDING GLOBAL RESILIENCE - ONE COMMUNITY AT A TIME A primary goal of our work is to reduce risks and increase resilience across impacted facilities, sites and/or environments. We have coordinated and led multidisciplinary teams to develop scientifically-based environmental programs that bridge the state-of-knowledge science with applied research and traditional knowledge to answer specific environmental questions such as, ‘What will the future look like?’, ‘How will it affect me and my lifestyle?’ and ‘What is the risk to my business?’ Although there are numerous forecasts on the projected effects of climate change and several reports documenting and summarizing a wide range of climate change effects on both the physical environment and human activities, there is a lack of easily accessible information available to the people who must adapt to a changing environment. Consequently, the people most affected by climate change tend not to have the information they need for effective resilience planning. It is necessary to understand not just the climate science but to also place climate projections in the context of the social, economic, and environmental needs of the local population. TBEC provides actionable data to address this need.

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