TrueRoll (a GovTech Top 100 company)

Data Science for Government - Startup TrueRoll was founded in 2018 with the goal of improving property tax accuracy by empowering governments with data science and automation. TrueRoll works with over 60 clients in 9 states to help modernize their homestead monitoring processes, improve compliance, return millions of dollars in revenue, and save office staff time. We have achieved the highest recognition in our industry, having been named chair of an IAAO Standards Committee, and landing on the GovTech’s Top 100 list of companies making a difference in government 3 years in a row. Our team is made up of data science PhD’s, government property tax professionals, masters in computer science, educators, certified investigators, journalists, and economists with decades of experience working directly with governments to solve difficult administrative challenges. TrueRoll’s proprietary algorithms and datasets actively monitor millions of our customers’ homesteads for actionable changes in eligibility. This approach to homestead eligibility monitoring has introduced a new paradigm to the way governments audit their tax rolls; jurisdictions are no longer dependent on reactionary, commission-based, single-point-in-time audits to improve tax roll accuracy.

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