Tripshot, Inc.

TripShot is a simple, powerful mobility management operating system that manages, tracks, and optimizes fleets and transportation services. Our Mission Simply and efficiently solve transportation’s most pressing problems to redefine mobility for all. The story of TripShot is a story about change. A changing transportation landscape, changing client needs, and change for a team of intrepid problem solvers who saw their chance to make the world better. Our story began in 2008 when our core team was a custom SaaS firm serving the most demanding clients in Silicon Valley. We saw our custom private transit SaaS platform as having the potential to tackle even bigger problems in mobility. That’s when we founded our fleet management software company, TripShot. We took our 50+ years of combined experience and evolved our platform. We integrated all facets of the mobility ecosystem into a single, seamless technology solution that’s capable of serving, connecting, and optimizing all transit networks, both public and private. Our legacy is one of tenacity, creativity, and trust. Those core values, along with great partners and even greater enthusiasm, are what will guide the evolution of TripShot and help us bring mobility to all.

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