SWEAT440 Austin

SWEAT440 is a dynamic 40-minute workout class located in the Highland neighborhood near the ACC campus, as well as the Zilker Neighborhood, around the corner from the famous Zilker Park. Co-founded by seasoned professional trainers, Matthew Miller and Cody Patrick, SWEAT440 is designed for beginners to experienced fitness enthusiasts looking for an effective and efficient exercise routine in only 40-minutes. With HIIT and cross-training classes beginning every 10 minutes, SWEAT440 is perfect for anyone with a tight schedule or a hard-to-plan calendar. SWEAT440 aims to revolutionize the boutique fitness industry by combining the motivational mindset of small group training with the convenience of workout times that best fit each individual. SWEAT440 accomplishes this by offering 4 fitness stations, each lasting 10 minutes in duration, with a new set of members joining the class every 10 minutes. The 40-minute classes incorporate a quick, effective combination of cross-training, strength training, and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) aimed to burn fat and boost your metabolism. This method of training allows guests to arrive at times that are most convenient for their busy work schedules and everyday routines.

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