Skinner Technology Group, LLC

At STG, we believe cyber risk is a business risk. Our mission is to help businesses bridge the gap between information technology and the business to foster security and promote growth by addressing these core challenges: • Data & Operational Security • Vulnerability Remediation • Compliance & Audit Needs • Reputation Loss • Staff Optimization We achieve this mission by using a security-first approach to all of our service offerings. Exploitation takes 4 common pathways: Credentials, Phishing, Exploit Vulnerabilities, and Botnet. We’ve carefully crafted offerings that address one or more of these pathways to protect your business from the increasingly sophisticated and prevalent cyber-attacks effecting all businesses - big and small. We are more than consultants or managed service providers. We are risk management partners. And we are here to walk with you and your business as threats evolve, your business changes, and regulations increase. The STG team focuses on enabling clients to fully leverage technology investments by providing the support and insights critical to safeguarding their business, customers’ critical data and brand reputation while gaining return on investment from IT. We partner with clients to navigate the challenges of IT operations, cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and business solution implementation.

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