Sage Blossom Massage

Sage Blossom’s mission is to create a place of peace and healing for all who enter. We are healers who inspire wholeness, wellness, self-acceptance, and peace, and provide wellness opportunities for our community at many financial levels. WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT I myself practiced massage for 17 years including 11 years working for other people- I know what you need, how many hours you can REALLY work, and what it’s like to be a working LMT. We are local and woman owned! We know that taking care of our team comes absolutely first. We offer access to health insurance, bonuses, 401K, complimentary in house training, discounts on services and complimentary services. Don’t forget a flexible schedule! It’s easy to take time off to take care of YOU and yours. We are a tight, caring, and supportive community and would love to add you to our team! Thanks so much for your consideration, Juliann

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