Poxy Clinical, LLC

Joining Poxy Clinical means becoming a part of a dynamic, results-driven team that is continually shaping the future of clinical trials. As a trusted partner for companies conducting clinical trials, we specialize in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to validate that Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM / IRT) systems are accurate, efficient, and patient-centered. Our aim is to ensure data integrity, patient safety, and speed to market for novel therapies, making us an integral part of the groundbreaking journey from trial to treatment. Poxy Clinical plays a crucial role in the world of medical research and development, with a primary focus on quality assurance and patient safety. The importance of our work stems from the essential need for accuracy, safety, and efficiency in clinical trials. Clinical trials involve real patients who are often dealing with significant health challenges. By ensuring that the systems involved in these trials are error-free, we contribute to minimizing risks to patients. This focus on patient safety drives us to continually refine our testing and validation processes, with the goal of identifying and rectifying any potential issues before they can impact a patient’s journey.

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