Open Doors U.S.

Open Doors U.S. is part of the historic work of Brother Andrew, the best-selling author of God’s Smuggler, who famously smuggled Bibles into Communist countries during the Cold War. Since this work began in 1955, Open Doors continues to take Bibles—as well as emergency aid and other forms of support—to Christians living out their faith in more than 60 of the world’s most volatile countries. ​ The churches and Christian leaders we support--who are often times minorities in their communities--face discrimination, harassment, loss or property or parental rights, physical attacks, unjust imprisonment, rape and even death because of their faith in Jesus. But for more than 65 years, Open Doors has worked to stand with them by providing Bibles, discipleship and persecution training in addition to practical help like emergency aid, food and shelter, trauma care, legal counsel and other assistance. Our goal is to help the Church survive where it is threatened so the Gospel can continue to go out in the world’s most difficult regions. You can learn more about our organization at

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