Old Growth Tree Service & Specialized Land Management

Our passion is trees; our focus is service. Old Growth Tree Service is a tree care and forestry company based in Gypsum, Colorado. We work with individual homeowners, HOAs, metro districts, municipalities, county governments, and federal agencies and have been in business since 2016. In the years since then, our business has grown exponentially because of our consistent ability to understand the needs of our customers, collaborate with multiple stakeholders, and partner with them to accomplish their goals on time and within the agreed-upon budget. We keep our promises and we pride ourselves on communicating at the highest level so that our customers feel at ease and are confident in their choice of partners. In 2024, we launched Specialized Land Management as a division of Old Growth Tree Service to focus on forestry, fire mitigation, and land resource management. Both companies operate from the same location in Gypsum, CO. Our company operates year-round with a core team of 20 employees that grows seasonally to approximately 50 from April-December. Old Growth Tree Service is accredited by Tree Care Industry Association and our team includes seven ISA Certified Arborists, one of whom is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist and Consulting Arborist. Old Growth Tree Service was founded on five core values that drive everything we do: *INTEGRITY* We live in accordance with our deepest values, we are honest with everyone, and always keep our word. We are genuine. *RESPECT* We treat each other and our customers with kindness, respect, and sensitivity. We value everyone's contributions in all aspects of the business. We check our egos at the door. *TEAMWORK* One dream, one team. We recognize and support each other's talents. We all have a part to play. By working together, we can achieve exceptional results. *TRAINING & KNOWLEDGE* We support all Old Growth Tree Service employees with any training necessary so they can perform their job safely, efficiently and with confidence. *QUALITY & CUSTOMER SERVICE* We have a passion for understanding and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We deliver quality and excellence in all that we do.

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