Make Real Inc. / The Bureau Adventure Games

The Bureau is the Next Generation of Escape Rooms “No Locks. No Keys. Just Fun.” The Bureau for Multiversal Interventions, also known as “The Bureau,” is a private business venture founded in 1946 to do the multiverse’s dirty work -- anytime, anywhere. interventions include activities such as, but not limited to: object retrieval, timestream adjustment, private investigation, research, creature control. The Bureau is not affiliated with any country or government and operates solely on its own. Our guests take on the role of Operatives and are assisted by our Engineers to travel throughout the multiverse through gates that are powered by the Cosmo Multiverse Transducer simply known as the Transducer. We expect all of our employees AKA Engineers to “Be Present & Be Proactive”. The Bureau Adventure Games - Seasonal Experience Guide Are you looking to work in a fun, fast-paced, and highly themed work environment? Do you have a passion for telling stories to create an immersive experience? Have a background in entertainment, theme parks, or hospitality? Apply today! -- Looking for potential candidates for our upcoming Spring Break and Summer seasons!!

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