The Luminous Tour is a new traveling dance workshop where the focus is on each student’s creative evolution. A typical event lasts from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon and consists of movement classes, yoga classes, improvisation workshops, student showcases, and teacher events. Our educators understand the significance of their actions and words. We teach with the goal of tapping into each student’s creative potential, cumulating body awareness for longevity in dance, and experiencing the JOY in movement. We want our students to love learning, and we aim to create a space that allows them to experience the positive impact that dance can have on the body, mind, and soul. The Luminous Tour is dedicated to the joy in movement. We train artists to cultivate a safe, enjoyable, and growth oriented dance community. Luminous promises to uphold the highest standard for inclusion, safety, and education. Our goal is to be the most professional and inspiring dance workshop in the industry. Luminous is a safe space where students can focus on their personal growth, tune their creativity skills, and learn to understand the value of community over competition.

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