Lucid Bots, Inc.

Lucid Bots, Inc. is a venture-backed startup developing the future or responsible robots that perform labor-intensive tasks. At Lucid, we’ve embarked on a journey to expedite the automation of dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs. We started with drones that can clean buildings and our most recent product is a ground-based robot that can pressure wash. However, these applications are only the beginning. We are developing an intelligent, modular, robotic platform that will ultimately represent a full-suite solution for several multibillion-dollar addressable markets. Since its founding in 2018, the company has participated in the world-renowned Y Combinator startup accelerator program, raised millions of dollars from Silicon Valley insiders, and hired some of the top emerging talents in the drone industry. Our vision is to uplift humanity by building the world's most productive and responsible robots.

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