Looking to Grow with a Company?

HemaCenter, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of OrganaBio that supplies adult whole blood-derived cellular starting materials to cell therapy developers for the advancement of next-generation medicines. OrganaBio is a Miami-based CDMO that manufactures clinical (cGMP) grade cells for cancer immunotherapy and regenerative medicine drug developers. OrganaBio’s vision is to accelerate the development of these drugs by giving developers access to (i) fresh and scalable tissue supplies; (ii) cell isolation, purification, expansion, and characterization services; (iii) process development services; and (iv) clinical grade manufacturing services. At OrganaBio, we empower our customers’ people, process, and products on their journey to commercialization. Our team is comprised of highly motivated individuals who thrive in a fast-paced environment and are adept (and like) to deal with different tasks within a work week. Benefits include: Comprehensive Health Plans, Paid Time Off, Sick Leave, 10 Company Holidays and 2 Flexible Holidays, 401k match.

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