Living Vehicle Inc.

We see the world a bit differently - perhaps because that world doesn’t yet exist. We believe in predicting the future by creating it. We are driven by challenging traditional norms and question ways of doing things that are taken for granted every day. Innovation towards a vision of a beautiful future is at the core of everything we do at Living Vehicle. We are always two steps ahead by solving the problems of tomorrow. Living Vehicle Inc. started in 2017 with a simple but bold vision to challenge the status-quo how we live and travel in our modern world. We set a company mission to design and build a net-zero all-electric traveling home. Net-Zero means no reliance on the grid: no energy in and no waste out. The vision for Living Vehicle is an entirely self-sufficient mobile living space that empowers people to live their best lives. To us, self-reliance and sustainability mean freedom – and doing so in the absolute best way possible. With a relentless passion for quality and doing things right, Living Vehicle continues to make great strides forwards towards that early vision.

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