Kansas City Scholars, Inc.

KC Scholars is one of the most effective college scholarship and support programs in the nation. Scholars provides three types of scholarships: college savings accounts (9th graders); traditional scholarships (11th graders); and scholarships to adult learners who want to secure an industry recognized credential or return to college to secure their associate or bachelor’s degree. Scholars is unique because most students graduate debt free, and as a result of the intensive supports provided to our scholars, the vast majority of our scholars graduate from college or their credentialing program and enter good careers. Students who are low- and moderate-income and reside in our six focal counties in the Kansas City Area (Kansas and Missouri) are eligible to apply. Over 90% of our scholars persist annually, and 74% of our scholars are on track for on-time graduation. KC Scholars currently has 6,293 scholars, and awards approximately 750 new scholarships annually. Our goal is to significantly expand our program and its impact in the coming years.

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