Halfday Tonics Inc

Halfday has classic iced tea flavor with modern ingredients. Only 3g of sugar and 8g of prebiotics for gut health. Co-founder and CEO, Kayvon Jahanbakhsh, was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when he was a freshman in college. Losing over 80 pounds, he was forced to dramatically change his diet to focus on his gut health. It’s that moment when Kayvon realized how difficult it was to find products that would help him on this journey that he could enjoy. That’s where the idea for Halfday prebiotic iced tea was born - with the purpose to make digestive wellness more delicious, fun and accessible. Kayvon enlisted the help of classmate & best-friend Mike Lombardo to develop an iced tea that tasted nostalgic, but without all of the junk. Each can of Halfday has 8g of prebiotic fiber, with only 3g of sugar. Now, Halfday is one of the fastest growing brands in the iced tea category and developing a cult-like following.

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