Guillaume Counseling Services, P.C.

Guillaume Counseling Services, P.C., dba Guillaume Marriage and Family Counseling is the ministry of Nahomie Guillaume, LMFT. It is a professional corporation in the state of Oregon. It is a group practice, founded on Judeo-Christian biblical principles for living life, serving clients from all walks of life. It specializes in relationship counseling for couples and individuals in the early stages of their pre-marital or marital relationships, and maternal mental health and paternal mental health, serving individuals and families struggling with anxieties and mood disorders. It serves clientele with children ages 0-7 including pregnancy and postpartum and are engaged or married for 10 years or less. Its primary clientele identifies immigrants, black, mixed race, interracial, multiethnic, or interfaith household. It serves the Christian community, as well as those who do not adhere to any faith or religion or adheres to other faith. Services offered include individual therapy, couple’s therapy/family therapy, groups and workshops. Services are integrative and blended. It integrates different elements of evidenced based treatment models and its own innovative approach. Primary evidenced based models are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Brief-Therapy, and Strategic-Structural Family Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Christian Counseling and Prayer Therapy is available to those who identify as Christians and requests for it, and prayer support is available to all clients. Blended approach includes flexibility of open-ended and structured sessions format. Services are provided via telehealth (video) and in-person. We hire candidates from 4 different states California, Oregon, and Texas, and Washington, and currently serves clients from 3 different states (California, Oregon, and Texas). Visit our website to learn more about us:

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