Grow Through Life Counseling Inc

The Mission of Grow Through Life Counseling is to provide quality counseling for all ages throughout life. We provide culturally sensitive and inclusive care for all children, teens, adults, couples and families in California. We respect each family member's unique identities, perspectives and experiences in life. With effective and creative psychotherapeutic interventions, we support emotional growth and development during the various stages of life to build healthy relationships and collaboration with the community. We believe happy, well trained and supported therapists in a positive and healthy work community provides a higher quality of care to children, teens, adults, couples and families throughout life. We have the skills, expertise, compassion, empathy and creativity to help all ages. We believe in reducing mental health stigma as everyone goes through struggles and can benefit from more support. Our strengths include a vast and varied prior work experience, inclusive and safe environments for learning and growing as well as a supportive and creative team. We work together to share resources and ensure each of our Grow Through Life patients get culturally sensitive and inclusive care allowing all to embrace diversity, reduce barriers and provide support for growth, development at any stage of life. Our Values Continuous Learning and Growth Employee Well-Being Integrity Collaboration and Teamwork Recognition and Appreciation Flexibility Work-Life Balance Respect Social Responsibility The Vision of Grow Through Life Counseling is to inspire all ages to overcome challenges and live healthier, happier lives equipped with positive coping skills. Our team is highly skilled and innovative, continuously learning and supporting each other, which provides a high quality of care. We have a client centered approach providing open dialogue, respect and collaboration. We have a meaningful, long term impact on individuals and families now and for future generations by improving the quality of life, relationships and our communities.

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