Goalsetter is a goal-based savings, financial literacy and smart spending app made for children, families, and anyone wanting to learn to build wealth. CEO Tanya Van Court, (Stanford alum and former ESPN and Nickelodeon executive) launched the company with a burning passion to close the wealth gap in America. Our focus is empowerment - giving customers the tools to save money, invest their cash, and most importantly, learn the often overwhelming world of personal finance. The Goalsetter app contains financial quizzes with memes for those of all ages, a stock brokerage platform, unique savings tools like auto-save and round ups, a debit card for teens and even creative ways for kids to earn cash through allowance and chores. The Goalsetter classroom platform contains K-12 student-paced and teacher-led financial literacy curriculum based on the National Standards for Personal Financial Education and state standards as needed. The modules are based on six pillars of personal finance and equipped to support student learning in various learning environments. Additional products are being added to include family based learning tools and other curricular offerings made specifically for individual client needs. If you want to learn more about what we’re up to, please visit our website at www.goalsetter.co or check out our IG: www.instagram.com/goalsetterco/.

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