Full Life Wellness (Artie)

Full Life Wellness is the parent company of Artie™, the only way to make home-cooked meals for your pets at the touch of a button. We are a startup based in Phoenix, AZ and Overland Park, KS focused on improving the health & wellness of companion animals through nutrition. Artie is elevating mealtime for pets and their families. Each Artie Harvest Bowl includes a unique blend of highly nutritious freeze-dried and dehydrated whole foods: proteins, vegetables, fruits, healthy grains, & essential vitamins – all perfectly portioned for your pet’s individual caloric needs and sealed in shelf-stable cups shipped right to your door. Each diet has been expertly formulated by nutrition experts and approved by our Board Certified Veterinarian Nutritionist®. Artie is sold via subscription and includes personalized 30-day meal plans along with a stylish and compact premium kitchen appliance. The appliance gently cooks each meal in just 3 minutes. Each Artie Harvest Bowl serving includes a unique UPC on the bottom. Once started, the appliance instantly scans the UPC code and delivers a precise combination of steam and hot water. This “blooming” process brings the ingredients to life, unlocking the natural flavors and aromas while producing a savory broth that pets love.

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