Everyone’s Counseling Center, Inc.

Mission statement We are an explicitly not-for-profit Faith-Based group practice with a diverse focus towards health and wellness through Guidance and Healing surrounding the treatment of mental health issues. We believe it is our mission to ‘make the high places low, the rough road smooth’ (Isaiah 40:4). We are dedicated to assisting individuals, couples and group attendees realize their full potential in all aspects of their being—spiritually, emotionally, mental and physically—and learn to live more loving, peaceful, productive lives. This is our singular, prayerful focus and dictates our personal and professional values. Our services are broadly accessible for those of various faith and non-faith beliefs. As a counseling group and as individuals, we value and adhere to these principles: Ethical and responsible behavior Openness and respect for all Integrity and truthfulness Personal and professional life-long learning and growth Commitment to this healing ministry to which we have been called Accountability to Almighty God, our clients, ourselves and our profession.

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