Discovery Horse, LLC

Welcome to Discovery Horse at Dandelion Farm! It is our most sincere desire to offer a space for those in need of belonging, learning, and healing - and we have intentionally crafted a therapeutic farm environment with this in mind. We are NeuroRelational Coaches working with individuals, families, and agencies in and around Fort Ripley MN in order to bring together a healing community. Clients at Discovery Horse actively connect with and relate to the animals, people, and places here at the farm by engaging in daily farm life - we observe patterns in real time, intervene in real time, and build new ways of being in real time - much more so than is usually possible in a closed office setting. We provide in the moment coaching on connection, physiological and emotional regulation, and executive functioning skills that repair and heal old patterns, not just in thinking, but in the whole brain and body. When appropriate, we also work off-site, supporting individuals, families, professionals, and whole agencies to recognize their own patterns of relating in their own environments - and make shifts for healthier relating that transforms people and systems from within. Our Mission Our mission is to create an environment where anyone can come to new understandings about themselves, practice new ways of being, and carry the value of connection and their own wisdom forward into their everyday lives. We value safety, authenticity, collaboration, and trust as means toward intentional relationship building. Our Vision We believe in a world where every being feels belonging, feels security, and feels a strong sense of self - so that no matter what is going on around them, each can hear their own wisdom.

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