Covet & Mane

The leader in luxury hand-tied hair extensions, Covet & Mane founded in 2019 has deployed a business model that puts the salon professional first with a constant quest for excellence in product and service. Committed to empowering and arming stylists with quality products we promote, perfect and encapsulate elegance with an intentional, curated selection of revolutionary, cut-point weft hair extensions. With meticulous attention to detail at every stage of development we guarantee expertly sourced, silicone-free hair extensions that can be cut, colored and tailored to the individual client for their best hair, ever. We pride ourselves on being an exclusive brand for select stylists who are masters in their technique and have a collective of artists that are ambassadors of the brand, and the vision. Our goal is to provide stylists with best-in-class hair that they & their clients can rely on, always. Based in Chelsea, New York - Covet & Mane has a 4,000 sq. ft. beautifully designed studio that doubles as an office space for the internal team while also being available for large events, content filming, educational classes and conferences. We operate with a hybrid approach; working from the office 3 days a week and working from home 2 days a week. We offer an inclusive culture with an open door policy that allows each employee to learn and be an integral part of building a new hair brand from the ground up.

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