Council for Court Excellence

The Council for Court Excellence (CCE) is a non-profit organization with a mission to enhance the justice system in the District of Columbia to serve the public equitably. CCE’s work focuses on the adult criminal legal system, youth justice systems, and civil justice. CCE uses four core strategies to fulfill our mission. First, we convene diverse stakeholders to address the District’s most pressing justice issues and reach consensus. Second, we evaluate through research to make data-driven recommendations. Third, we advocate for change to advance reforms. Finally, we educate to empower residents and increase civic engagement surrounding the law. CCE’s entire organizational model is rooted in cross-sector collaboration; it is central to how we conduct our research, develop policy positions, and design campaigns or educational guides. We recognize that the most innovative, effective solutions are typically created by those closest to the problem, so CCE prioritizes partnering with practitioners, policy makers, service providers, returning citizens, and others directly involved in or affected by the legal system to build consensus-driven, high-impact, lasting reforms for D.C.

Open Positions