Canyon Family Medicine PLLC

Arizona’s natural Canyon beauty and rich landscape, which inspired our name Canyon Family Medicine. By definition, a Canyon is a deep valley with steep sides, often with a stream flowing through it that over time erodes the soil and creates the beauty we see today. The protectors, Havasupai (“people of the blue-green waters”) people who have lived in the grand canyon for the last 800 years believe that the canyon holds special magical healing properties and is sacred. Much like the Canyons eroding over time, the human body operates very much the same way, over time as we age, our body becomes more susceptible to diseases. Canyon Family Medicine follows in the footsteps of the Havasupai people in protecting you and your family’s health. Canyon Family Medicine is a primary care walk-in clinic, and family medicine practice located in Mesa, Arizona. Canyon Family Medicine provides a full range of medical services to adults, adolescents, and pediatric patients. We believe in friendly, personalized medical care that addresses the individual needs of each member of the family. We are passionate about preventing disease NOW, so that catastrophic medical events can be avoided in the future. This passion not only helps saves lives, utilizing this diagnosis and treat NOW approach, but reduces our nation’s health care spend, as well. A true win-win for our patients and the system. We are committed to medical excellence in a comfortable, welcoming environment. Our patient portal facilitates timely communication between patients and providers. We have same-day appointments, extended office hours, and an in-office lab.

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