Body Balance Massage and Float

At Body Balance Massage and Float we have a passion for health and wellness. It is our goal to see people improve their day to day wellbeing by helping them to reduce or resolve their pain. It is difficult to truly enjoy life and be happy if you are constantly burdened with tension and pain. Massage is great for treating many types of pain. Whether that pain comes in the form of headaches, joint pain, back pain, inflammation, a recent accident, or chronic pain. A deep tissue massage from a highly trained therapist can be a powerful remedy. Over the years we have heard from many people how difficult it is to find good therapists who they can feel confident will be able to help them resolve their pain. Our priority is to hire great therapists. We have high standards for our staff and encourage them to constantly improve their knowledge and technique in order to best relieve your pain. They will be able to assess and evaluate the muscles of the body to identify the areas that are causing you pain or limiting your mobility. They will then use the necessary massage techniques and services to effectively bring balance back to your muscular system and get you feeling better. Float therapy continues to grow as people discover the amazing health benefits of floating that scientific research continues to validate. Because some people can feel trapped or claustrophobic in traditional float pods we chose to go with open float pools to be the most comfortable and accessible to the widest range of people possible. As researcher Dr. Justin Feinstein puts it “The open-air design completely removes all feelings of claustrophobia. I cannot overemphasize the importance of having an open pool for anxious populations. Without it many of our patients would have refused to even try floating.” This goes along perfectly with our ideal to help people feel comfortable, heal, and be happy.

Open Positions