Bella Sol Medical Spa, PLLC

MISSION Bella Sol Medical Spa is passionate about helping people choose themselves first. This is achieved by promoting self-care through high quality, personalized, medical grade services offered specifically to improve the overall health and wellness of its clients. ​ VALUES Customer Experience Our customers are the reason we exist. Bella Sol ensures that each encounter is tailored towards the individual needs of the customer from start to finish. ​ Health Literacy We want to improve the ability of customers to make informed decisions about their health when choosing Bella Sol Medical Spa. Our free consultation allows the provider to educate the prospective customer on our provided services and how it will fit their individual needs. ​ Professionalism Bella Sol strives to exceed standards by displaying competence through evidence-based practices and building trusting relationships with our customers. ​ Comfort The spa environment should be one that appeals to multiples senses. Comfort is achieved by providing calming smells and sounds within an alluring environment to support our overall mission. Safety Here at Bella Sol we ensure that our staff maintains aseptic technique within a sterile environment when providing medical services. This minimizes the risk of infection and maintains the health of everyone involved.

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