Allstar Gaming, Inc.

Twitch meets TikTok Allstar ( is a fast-growth tech startup focused on gaming, content creation, and esports. The company was co-founded in August of 2019 in New York City by former pro-gamer content creator Nick Cuomo. Allstar has over 1.2M total users with +800% annual growth. The company has raised $4.2M in venture capital from world-class investors including Mark Cuban, New York Angels (Pinterest, Gust), (Twitter, Lyft), and investors from Twitch, Riot Games, and Zynga. We are a global group of 17 passionate, growth-driven professionals from successful startups and established companies like MeetUp, ESL, TIME, and VaynerMedia. We are gamers who love streaming & esports and believe in our mission to democratize gaming content.

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