A-List Landscape

A-List Landscape is a fully licensed, family-owned, and operated construction company specializing in medium to large outdoor renovations and concrete installations. Tuisila Holani, the founder of A-List Landscape, was one of the first few Landscape Contractors to serve cities throughout the Bay Area in 1986. After completing over thousands of projects as "Sila", Holani wanted to rebrand and revamp his company in the landscape industry. Hence, A-List. Why "A-List"? Simple. When working with a group of experienced, passionate, and creative individuals, you are guaranteed the outdoor space of your dreams. We look at each project as a work of art, so we constantly strive for perfection and think of new ideas to implement. We value our company just as much as our clients. Therefore, A-List Landscape is committed to taking landscape aesthetics to the next level while ensuring that our customer service is also up to par.

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